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Traces Remain - but what counts as survival?

From invididual survival as family memories, survival through one's work to questioning what will remain after the extinction of man this pinhole photographic series to be released in Sep 2014 at gallery Tosei, Tokyo, draws on ideas and quotations from a wide variety of sources.

"Traces Remain" is a book of essays by Charles Nicholl which hunts for "the sudden presence, the glimpse behind the curtain, the episode measured in minutes and preserved across the centuries". It also titles a new classical composition by Colin Matthews capturing phrases from a range of musical works.

My Life

On a fine winter's afternoon I held my pinhole camera tightly to my chest and photographed the sun. I slowly turned from left to right and as I breathed in and out the sun's image traced a path across the film falling and rising with my chest.

My line is short with its ups and downs. The sun's line is already 10,000 times 10,000 times longer than mine, and after mine is ended the sun's will continue for another 10,000 times 10,000 times as long.

We live on a dangerous planet in a dangerous universe. Our existence is perhaps only a brief accident in evolution. I enormously appreciate the fact that I am conscious of my own existence, aware of this universe, and recognize my complete insignificance, and the insignificance of our planet, in the vastness of time and space

Self Portrait and Autiobiography

The shutter opens. After a while I enter the scene. I am surrounded by the things of my life - books, cameras, paint, wine, pottery, girls knickers - and I busy myself for a while, then I leave. The shutter closes.

The gum print uses permanent ivory black and fugitive alizarin crimson. Over the centuries the crimson will fade leaving a fainter image in black.

Text and images Copyright Geoff Chaplin 2002 -

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